Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Nov. 20


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Nov. 20. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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You should have seen it in color. ♥️

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Waiting for Santa 🌲

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Nope. Nope. That's not a lost Santa. That's my cowboy squeezing his way back out of the crawl space which literally has no more head room than this entry point. This is not a fun excursion in the under bellies of a 135 year old house. Rather, it's a "why does the floor sound like its built on top of a raging river" exploration. Turns out, we have broken main water line that is buried within the floor of the crawl space allllllll the way tucked back in the way way back. The images I have in my head about how this can be fixed and are nothing shy of a nightmare. I hope we can find a very skilled and very small plumber. And fingers crossed the entire brick patio does not have to be torn up to fix this. #homeowner #brokenpipes #waterleak #soundslikeariver #riverrunsthroughit #needaplumber #oldfarmhouse #crawlspace #ifitsyellow #notsanta #lostsanta #plumbingissues #homerepairs #homerepair

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It always amazes me how much is going on, unseen, beneath the soil. While our clover is just now showing the first few true leaves, which is quite impressive for this date considering the planting date, it has been exceedingly busy beneath the surface. I could feel roots snapping as I dug these tiny plants and there is easily three times or more as much roots as there is leaf right now. I can even spot a few tiny nodules forming which will eventually be where bacteria, in a symbiotic relationship with the clover, will fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil in a plant available form. Even though it may not appear as though much is happening, the complexity of creation is marching forward to set the stage for a healthy and productive crop.

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Growing up helping dad milk the dairy cows it was a surprise to FarmHer Raye that people had to buy butter and a few other dairy products. Ever one to seize opportunity the rest of the shopping trip was spent with her going over logistics of expanding the herd, milking nine million bazillion, gajillion cows and selling all the milk to all the stores in the world. The future of dairy is looking bright! #undeniablydairy #dairycow #milk #futureisbright #womeninag #womenwhofarm #futurefarmer #farmkid #bigconcepts #bigdreams #gogetem #agdaily #countrykid #countrylife #future #dreamer #bigplans #divein #knowyourfarmer #farmher #realfood #realfarm #foodies #farmfresh #thisisag #we #fashionista

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