Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Oct. 30, 2019


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While other kids are playing video games, our girls are riding in the swather and baler. While other kids their age have no chores and all the free time in the world, ours are taking care of dogs and a bunny and doing dishes and even sometimes cleaning cattle pens. While other kids might be driving plastic cars around a carpet race track, our girls are learning to drive the Ranger and maneuver their cow ponies behind the herd. It doesn't make them better than other kids. More responsible, maybe, but not better. It also doesn't make them less awesome, just because their boots are scuffed from their stirrups and occassionally they track manure into their classrooms. The holes in their jeans are from crawling through barbed wire fences, not because I bought them that way at the store. They likely won't have a resume a mile long with activities and sports and clubs by the time they are in high school. Those things do not guarantee an employable human. They don't ensure a kind heart or a good work ethic. But we've already had compliments on how ranch life has positively affected our girls' behavior. They certainly will have humility and a wicked sense of humor by the time they enter the work force. Sometimes we miss activities because of brandings, and haying, and the weather. Heck, we've even skipped having a birthday party for the oldest thanks to being in the thick of calving. (April birthdays are highly overrated when you are a ranch kid, and trust me, I know!) It is hard for kids to appreciate this life right now, but I think they will be much better prepared to deal with rejection, last minute plan changes, and life in general. And as a parent, I think that is the best thing we could ask for. ❤ Richelle

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I don’t even know how to ask this kind of thing, but I guess I better get used to it since our nonprofit seems to continue to be needed with all of these fires. We have private persons who’ve donated their properties to those in need, and for us here at NorCal Livestock Evacuation to have somewhere to bring displaced animals to since fairgrounds filled up fast. They are now in need of supplies, after generously using what they had of their own. We’d love to be able to provide some things to them. If anyone has been wondering how they could help, here’s what could be of the most help right now: •Shavings •Elk Grove Senior(or Regular)Pellets •Timothy Or Orchard Grass •Alfalfa •Lead ropes •5g. Water buckets to hang in stalls If someone also just wanted to call in a donation to Rivertown Feed for NorCal Livestock Evacuation – they could deliver for us or we could pick up as needed. If a donation is easier, our PayPal is Any and all donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support from everyone, we couldn’t save so many animals without you! Thank you for the bottom of our hearts. #teambadass #kincadefire #bigorsmall #wehaulthemall Photo credit for all these beauties goes to one of our Haulers who’s also a horse ranch welcoming so many horses for us, Suzy Majauskas. ❤️

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