Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from April 11


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We got her pulled out, but the mud claimed my shoes!

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Cover crop looks really good in this 60 acre field! The cover crop seed was seeded with a Big A with air booms amd was later worked in with our @greatplainsag turbo max vertical till TM3000 and 9400T. The cover crop mix is cereal rye grass, rape, clover, raddish, and a little wheat. We didn't get the best growth this year by having the rest seeded on with an airplane in August of last year due to how lucious the corn was and overshaded the cover crop. More than likely we will be utilizing the air boom and vertical till method a lot more in the future! As for the cover crop seed we bought all of the seed from @covercrops and we actually raise our own cereal ryegrass on a field each year of about 15ish acres to help cut down on cost. Can't wait to see what the corn will do on this irrigated field this year! #werner_farms #wernerfarms #notill #verticaltill #mintill #covercrop #ryegrass #raddish #rape #clover #organicmatter #organicfertilizer #greenbiomass #agriculture #agdaily #beforetheplate #johndeere #shinygreenpaint #9400t #greatplains #turbomax

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These are my people. This is where I come from. I remember my last year of high school. I couldn’t wait to get out of this small town. So out into the world I went. And I immediately became thankful for my small town, country, morale parental up-bringing. I learned a LOT of lessons the hard way. Many of which changed me significantly as a person. But who I am at the core has never changed because of these people and this place. I didn’t just get daily leadership skills that top execs would pay fortunes for. I didn’t just get to work with high powered political officials. I didn’t just get to travel the country as a 19 year old. I got discernment between right and wrong and the determination to do something about it. I got daily examples of servant hearts. Of hard working, whole-hearted loving and grace giving. The idea of being a parent one day terrifies me. But #MyCPT and I have some pretty amazing examples. And we are so blessed that after both of our young adult adventures around the globe… we’re both right back here, with our people. #PumpDay Who are your people? . #smalltowngirl #ruralamerica #sheepbarn #parents #momanddad #thesetwo #parentinggoals #countrylife #countrygirl #youcantakethegirloutofthecountry #ranchlife #leadership #publicspeaking #ffa #futurefarmersofamerica #norcal #aglife #retiredteachers #agteacher

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