Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from July 13


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for July 13. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

🐘😷🌹 • Huge thanks 💚💚🙌👏 to @filareegarlicfarm for this tremendous seed garlic! These babies are whoppers! 👀🙋‍♀️💃And my Music, German White, Chesnok Red, and Spanish Roja are curing beautifully. I’ve never loved smelling like an Italian pizzeria more than I do right now 👍🍕🌱 • Joining in with Emily @two_acre_farm for #farmgardenandlove and Kelly-Jeanne @hen_and_hive for #myvictoryharvest 🌿 Here’s hoping Grandma Millie and Great Aunt Mary would be proud of this giardiniera 👩🏼‍🌾🇮🇹☺️ #mangiamangia • • • #growsomethinggreen #growyourownfood #womenwhofarm #knowyourfarmer #stinkingrose #garlicfordays #garlic #harvest #garlicbreath #farmtotable #organicgardening #instagarden #thisiswomenswork #iamamodernfarmer #thehappygardeninglife #saynotogmo #farmtofork #gardenersofinstagram #ctfarm #growyourown #vampirerepellant #eatfresh #getdirty #newburyfarms

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Baby Swiss #brownswiss #farmlife #agdaily

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This month I have been working as the Program Coordinator for the Youth Agriculture and Entrepreneurship Program (YAEP) in Danville. The program seeks to teach students about leadership, starting a business and agriculture. These kids have had no agricultural education. It has been amazing seeing them make the connection from field to table. 🌱 This month has opened my own eyes to the importance of agricultural education. It made me realize that I have taken for granted the knowledge that I inherently had from growing up on a farm, gardening with mom, and canning and freezing food. 🌾 These kids didn’t even know what canning was! It’s scary to think that we are raising a generation that doesn’t know the connection between farms and the food they consume. 🐝 I honestly thought people were dramatic when they talked about the lack of knowledge when it comes to the food system. But no, it’s true and it’s serious!!! 🔥 I’m on fire to teach about our food system! Probably none of these kids will grow up to farm, but I know I’ve made an impact by teaching future doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers and computer programmers about the importance of farmers and the food they raise and grow. #agriculturaleducation #agriculture #agdaily #foodsystem #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #education #classoutside #longlivefarmers

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