Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from July 9, 2020


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Today, I let a tractor babysit my kid. I’m reminded of one of the stories my own mom tells of what it was like 40 years ago to be a mom and farm owner. It was just her and my dad on a growing dairy. My dad would be chopping silage but it was moms job to run silage wagons back to the silo to unload. But what about the four kids? The story goes that she would put my little brother, twin sister and myself in a play pen in the front yard. I’m hoping we had some kind of shade cover but you know skin cancer wasn’t a big thing back then. She probably oiled us up so we’d have a good tan as babies to show off at family picnics. Wait. We didn’t go to family picnics because we were dairy farmers. I digress. Everytime she went past us with a silage wagon behind her, we’d have to wave to her. This was how she knew we hadn’t killed each other. If we all didn’t wave, she’d get off the tractor and check on us. Any farm mom knows these tricks. And trade offs. We want our children with us all day, but sometimes it’s dangerous. Sometimes it’s bumpy. Sometimes it’s exhausting. But we say to ourselves there’s no better life than a farm kid life. There’s no better life than being with their farm mom. Yes, my mom could have asked for help. And I know I could too. But we’re stupid-stubborn and think we can do it all. So, I hope the COO forgives me for today’s half-assed nap while I bushhogged. I also hope he knows how my heart melted when he started to snore. And before the child-labor trolls get ahead of me – know that I did drop it down two gears so his noggin wasn’t slapping against the window like the last time. We’ll see how far behind he is in Kindergarten. #farmmom #farmmomlife #womeninag #womenwhofarm #agdaily #tnmagicmoments #cattletales #stillfarming #beef4generations #momlife #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #iamangus #farmlife #farmwife #boss #bosslife #farmer #rancher #womenincharge #farmwomenstrong #farmwomanstrong #rolemodel #momsofinstagram #johndeere

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