Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from June 10, 2019


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Stetson and I were out shutting pivots off the other night and I turn around to this. Our two year old bent down, hands in the soil, checking corn tissue health, and being careful not to knock over any stalks. He stood up with the biggest smile and proudly yelled “crops are looking good mom!” The amount of knowledge this kid has soaked up about farming never ceases to amaze me. I stopped to think about it and quickly realized that these are not things we have sat down and taught him, rather he just watches his dad and his grandpa doing what they love and replicates. This was a good reminder that our actions and what we do when our child is watching us might be even more important than the things that we tell him. 🌱💛🌽🚜 #farmkid #farmlife #farmwife #agdaily #farmraised #plant19 Swipe ➡️ to see that big smile I was talking about. 💙

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Followed the rain and rainbow all the way home Wednesday night. 🌈 Outstanding rainbow views, but sadly only 3 mm of rain fell on our farm. We need 25 – 50 mm. Crops are suffering from lack of moisture. Pastures and haylands are dry. Concern is growing daily for farmers and ranchers across the western prairies. No one is mentioning the 'D' word (drought) yet, but it's in the back of everyone's minds. It's a challenge to remain positive and hopeful for the growing season ahead. For me gratitude is a daily practice and I strive to find the beauty in every day, but even the most positive attitude can't shift the weather. That's one of the toughest realities of farming. Despite the best farming practices and attention to detail, our income is determined by the weather. Every. Single. Year. You would think after 30 years I'd be used to it, but it's still challenging to ward off worry and concern. I'm not sharing this for sympathy, but rather for empathy and understanding. After all, this is our chosen profession. But if you wonder why a farmer is obsessing over the weather, or seems to be complaining about it, try to imagine if the weather determined your paycheck. If you know a farmer, reach out to them, ask how they are doing, get together for a coffee. It won't change the reality of too little or too much rain, but it does make a difference when you know others understand and care. If you are a farmer, know that I'm thinking of you – whether you are dealing excessively dry conditions in the west or endless rains causing seeding delays in the east. Reach out to neighbours and friends. Look out for each other. Ask for help if you need it. You're not alone. 💛 . . . #agmorethanever #domoreag #agdaily #farming #farmingtruths #farmingstress #plant19 #weather #weatherphenomenon #shareyourweather #rainbow #chasingrainbows #aftertherain #countrylife #countryroads #vanishingpoint #wideopenspaces #prairiesky #prairieview #mymanitoba #outmybackdoor

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