Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from May 2, 2019


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He sits at the kitchen table, fingering an old black and white photo of some little kids on an old Roman-nosed horse. He stares out the window, not really seeing anything but the movie that runs through his mind. Memories of days gone past. Memories of bright eyed kids, full of dreams, ready to take on whatever life threw at them. Memories of an honest life, fully lived. He sits in worry. He worries about his kids- the ones that came back to the ranch. How is this place gonna pay the bills? Has he taught them enough? Has he spent his time where it needed to be spent, teaching them all they should know? He worries about his grandkids- what about this world they are inheriting? Do the values he has passed on mean anything anymore? Will they want to live like this? Is it even fair? He worries about the cattle markets, and how the grain markets are affecting his friends an neighbors. He worries about politics and religion and how fast the world is changing. He looks back at the black and white photo in his hand. It is worn and tattered like his heart. The picture reminds him of a different time and place, one that no longer exists. Silent tears stream down his face. He wipes away the evidence before she walks in, the woman who has stood beside him and weathered the storms with him for so many years. She looks at him and knows, knows how much he hurts because she feels it too. Too much change. It's all just too much. Their eyes meet. They share a knowing look, a moment that doesn't require words. Is it time to get out? Is it time to move on? What else can they do? The land and cattle are all they have ever known. In that moment, they know they must keep going. Can't stop now. They can't predict the future, but the past reminds them that tough times come and go. That damned old black and white photo of some bright eyed kids on the back of an old, ugly pony somehow gives them the encouragement to keep on. Nothing worth doing is easy. And nothing worth doing is worth giving up. ❤

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