Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from May 2


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for May 2. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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Yesterday I uploaded a picture of me actually fixed and wearing makeup, but most days this is more my style. I had a lot of questions about how we improve our sustainability and recycle our water. Every dairy is a little different, but in our barn, we start by using the ground water to cool the milk. Milk is about 102 when it comes out of the cow and water is about 55°F when it comes out of the ground. So we use the water to begin the cooling process of the milk. Since that water doesn't touch anything, we use it to clean the front of the barn where the cows stand to get milked. Then we can reuse that water again to flush the aprons where the cows stand when they are eating. And then finally we store the water in a lagoon until we need it to water our crops. Here in Eastern NM, we get most of our water from ground water. It is anywhere between 75' and 400' deep. In order to protect our water, we only apply the lagoon water and manure that is needed for the crops. We sample our soil every year to find out of what the crops need. And we sample our monitoring wells every quarter to monitoring our ground water. What do you do to recycle at your home or dairy?

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Farmer – Old guy in jean overalls with 5 chickens, 2 cows, and a couple of pigs. He has a tractor but he works mostly with a pitchfork. If you read any children's book or look up images for the word farmer on Google, this is what you get. Modern Farmer – While his fashion sense may still be lacking ? most farmers do not farm that way anymore. They have technology degrees to run tractors. They know how to read profit and loss reports. They work in grease to change out belts and bearings. They bet their livelihood everyday on mother nature and markets. They know what seed to plant, in what type of soil, so that if there is too much rain or not enough rain, their crop will still prosper. They are business minded. They are smart. And they feed us. ~ #johndeere #johndeere8295r #michigan #americanfarmer #plant2k18 #plant18 #farmerlife #michiganfarmer #deeresighting #farmingofamerica #agdaily #ag365 #pioneer #plantingcorn #encirca #precisionplanting #modernfarmer #usfarmers #migrown #meetyourfarmer

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Oreo loves to be in the mud #farmher #agdaily #ag #hogs #livestock

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The Good Ol’ Days – Kelly @wahlenkelly kicks backs at branding . If I recall, he said that the safest place to be was next to me. The irony in that is, with this crew, I think there’s a point system I don’t know about for bringing the calf as close if not over me. . One of the most influential philosophers of our time once wrote… . Well the good ol' days may not return And the rocks might melt and the sea may burn I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings Coming down is the hardest thing Well some say life will beat you down Break your heart, steal your crown So I've started out for God knows where I guess I'll know when I get there . I think Tom Petty nailed it, especially when I think about creativity. Perhaps the creative high we feel is something that hits rock bottom when it’s gone… “the good ol’ days may not return”, and being open to the process is more about not chasing the past… “I guess I’ll know when I get there.” . ?ISO200, f4, 1/1600s @ 16mm ?Canon 5D2 Lens – 16-35mm f2.8L #ranch #ranchlife #ranching #western #americanwest #westernphotography #westernhorseman #workingranchmagazine #photographerlife #utah #utahphotographer #cdphotog #cowboy #longlivecowboys #tompetty #creativity #photographer #cowboyhat #photography #beingopen #canon #canonusa #teamcanon #kickingback #horses #aqha #aqhaproud #cowboylife #letithappen #learningtofly

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#plant18 is in full swing

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First day of corn planting '18 #spring #corn #farm #agdaily

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