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Ag memorabilia no one asked for (but we love anyway)

jaclyn krymowski


Lifestyle expression is a defining piece of today’s culture. There are entire blogs, dedicated to the celebration of every walk of life you could imagine. Some may be mistaken thinking the blue-collar way of farm life doesn’t have much in the way of this expression. They see the white clapboard house with a wraparound porch and ugly wall paper, maybe a few pieces of fine china in the kitchen. And how wrong is that impression.

In fact, I have yet to be in a farmhouse that wasn’t adorned from room to room with hallmarks of the family legacy. Albeit maybe a bit dusty and disorganized, but with a distinct heart and personality that you won’t find in the standard department store catalog.

These lifestyles have certainly inspired some of the most creative and inspiring pieces you’ll ever find. Stock show families have their plaques and show portraits, machinery fanatics have their favorite brands plastered across the house and garage. Of course, these are the collections no one actually asked for or needed. They materialized from mankind’s love affair with agriculture; and we’ll continue to collect and hoard them.

Image courtesy of Sullivan Supply Inc.

Sullivan’s Show Supplies graced us with these show scented candles. If you would like some tack stalls, sweet feed and horse scented soaps to accompany them, head on over to Etsy where you’re sure to satisfy your cravings. Still not enough? There are livestock-shaped air fresheners for your vehicle, so you’ll never be far from those farm aromas.

And let’s not forget this John Deere candle.

Ear tags, they aren’t just for animals anymore. If you’ve been around ag students, chances are you’ve seen a group of girls that had these dangling from bag or keychain. In fact, they also make nice earring sets.

This silage safety coloring book from Connor Agriscience. It’s functional and adorable. Come to think of it, I can think of several adults who could use a copy for training purposes.

Those metal marketing campaign signs. I’m pretty sure they’ve made these for every brand of equipment and ag product that has ever existed. It’s a classic and fits in the home, office, barn, or garage.

Housewares. Oh, the housewares. And no, I’m not referring to the “farmhouse chic” look created for the white-marbled estates. I mean having a chicken-themed kitchen. From decorative plates to salt shakers to towel rings there is almost nothing you can’t buy that doesn’t have that authentic ag touch.

From the historical to the family heirlooms to the impractical yet beloved, take a minute to look at the material forms ag has taken in your life.


Jaclyn Krymowski is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a major in animal industries and minor in agriculture communications. She is an enthusiastic “agvocate,” professional freelance writer, and blogs at the-herdbook.com.

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