Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Jan. 25


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Jan. 25. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Farm girls don't always live on farms, but they sure do run the world. Farm life is always with you, always. No matter if you are a teacher, a nurse, a marketer, or a writer, farm life is at the core of your being. It was not an easy decision to leave the farm behind, but it was the best choice for you. Your parents support and love you, and you learned your best qualities from them while growing up on the farm. The farm is always with you, constantly making you better at your job, your relationships and your ethics. It will always make you better. You are still, and always will be, a farm girl. ?‍? There are so many young people who decide to step away from farm life as their career, but we, including me, need to remind ourselves we still live the farming lifestyle, we can continue to support the industry, we can still be involved in the ag community. If you have a story like this, let's talk!

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Foggy & Frosty #agday365 #agdaily #iowafarmer #farmher #farmwifefarmlife

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This is Annie! What’s your dog’s name? #farmdog #australianshepherd #farmlife

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FFA members hard at work judging pigs at the Iowa Pork Congress #FFA #livestockjudging

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Cleaning hurdles ready for kidding. #farmlife #kidding #pressurewashing #goat

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Someone asked me yesterday, “so since you are home now, is your role going to be transitioning your family’s conventional farm into organic over the next three years because it’s better for the land and our bodies?” — Stunned, I FaceTimed my most informed friend and asked “Are you scared of your food? Do you only buy organic? If you were here, would you be transitioning conventional to organic?” He said no, no and no. And then we talked about it until I stopped pacing the room. __ Organic does a great job of marketing what they are doing. As conventional farmers, we are still learning the importance of talking about our work days. So, I want you to know this: on our family farm, we are doing our best to continually learn how we can do better for the consumer and the land. My dad always says, “of course I’m taking care of the land, the land is how we make a living and how I feed my family.” __ We are Ag Business and Public Health majors, Agronomists, Veterinarians, Ag Teachers, etc. And we are on the farm, taking care of the land with our very own hands, attending grower meetings and hearing what consumers have to say. We are conventional, and we take pride in our commodities. I hope we can do a better job of sharing that with you. We don’t want you to be afraid of your food.

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Best time of the year, #holdingbabies #cows #calves #farmlife #keephammering

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New spouts going in.

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