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Dairy farmer starts ‘Farming Karaoke’ to uplift spirits


A New Zealand dairy farmer has recently started recording himself singing to his 750 herd everyday in the hopes that it will make his fellow farmers smile. Patrick Johnson, 25, who has battled depression himself, often sings to himself during the day and thought his goofiness might bring a smile or laugh to others struggling. Now his “Farming Karaoke” movement is taking off!

Originally entitled “Cowshed Karaoke,” Johnson has now started a Facebook group called “Farming Karaoke” where more than 1,200 farmers have joined in the movement and are sending in their singing videos.

Johnson’s intentions for starting the page are quite simple:

“So guys and girls sometimes we have our struggles in the dairy industry especially in the mental aspects of the job! So I thought f*** it why not make some fun out of it for a couple minutes every day by starting cowshed karaoke! The objective is to get a smile a laugh and just make the day a little easier and brighter!!
Tag ya mates share the post like it up and send requests via pm and join in!! Farming Karaoke is going to be a hit!!!”

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