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Farmer’s Wifee: Following the best dairy farmers on Facebook


As someone who didn’t grow up on a farm, I completely understand how frustrating it can be trying to decide what to buy for your family. As you scroll through your favorite social media platform, your feed is most likely filled with countless articles and memes about how food is grown or raised.

Chances are, though, that the information being passed along isn’t exactly accurate. So if you don’t know a farmer personally or live near a farm, how do you get accurate information?

It’s simple, many farmers are taking to social media to tell their side of the story. They are opening up their barn doors to those who want to know what truly happens on their farm.

I recently shared some of my favorite dairy farmers to follow on Instagram. If Instagram isn’t your thing, make sure to follow along with some of my friends and fellow dairy farmers on Facebook:

Coldstream Farms
Cloud Cap Farms
Of Kids and Cows
Raising a Farmer
Cow Comfort Inn Dairy
Appel Family Dairy

Messy Kennedy
Modern-day Farm Chick

Farmer Bright

Guernsey Dairy Mama
Douglas Falls Creamery
Dairy Dad
Crazy Calf Lady
Michigan Farm Girl

New Mexico Milkmaid

The Farm at Wheeler Mountain
Harrold’s Dairy
Mackinson Dairy Farm
Hidden Valley Dairy
Eat Farm Love
Twin Brook Creamery
A Farm Wife
Organic Dairy Mama
This Dairy Life
Maple Grove Farm

Tillamook Dairy Farmer

Spruce Row Farm
Blue Hill Farm
Villa Pine Farm

AND last but certainly not least is the Facebook page of our national animal welfare program known as National Dairy F.A.R.M. Program. It highlights various farms throughout the U.S., as well as how the program works for farms like ours.

Speaking of our farm, don’t forget to keep up with our daily shenanigans on Facebook as well.

I think it’s safe to say that is a pretty good start if you are looking to learn more about today’s family dairy farms. If you have a dairy farm Facebook page, don’t be afraid to share it in the comment section.


Krista Stauffer is a wife, mother of three, and first-generation millennial dairy farmer. Krista works side by side with her husband and kids on their 140-cow dairy.

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