If your favorite F∙R∙I∙E∙N∙D∙S characters were farmers


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Friends TV show would have taken place in the Midwest instead of the Big Apple? We have come up with a list of new occupations for the characters as if they were farmers and ranchers instead of living in a New York minute. Instead of meeting at Central Perk, the six friends would catch up at the local mom and pop diner for breakfast, Gunther would still be swooning over Rachel while pouring coffee, and the gang would actually have to work a full day. 

1. Joey

We all know Joey is a meat lover, so naturally he would be a rancher. He would have all the frozen meat in his freezer that he could ever want. Now all he needs is the ability to make a good meatball sandwich to go with it. I doubt he will find a sandwich shop around every block in the middle of nowhere. We know how much he appreciates all kinds of foods.


2. Chandler

In the series, we know Chandler wasn’t actually a transponster, as Rachel once believed. Although Chandler’s actual job is vague in the beginning, we know he was good with numbers. Obviously, Chandler would be the local farm lender. The one everyone would go to when times get tough and needed to borrow money. He has a lot of experience financially helping out his friend Joey, although he may not be in business long since he never seemed to get his money back. He would also be able to read the markets and lighten the mood by throwing in a few “corny” jokes every once in a while.


3. Monica

Monica is a well-rounded individual, who is very determined and hardworking (besides the two-hour coffee breaks). She would excel as the local Farmers Market director. Every table would be color coded, organized, and she would have the cleanest market in the area. Of course, she would have her own stand filled with home made pies, sauces, and her famous jam.


Phoebe wouldn’t have to change much from her original character in the series besides a new tittle, Organic Farmer. She would have her own organic farm that she would bring hand crafted and home grown items to Monica’s Farmers Market. Along with organic greens, she would have her own soaps and essential oils, made with herbs harvested according to the cycle of the moon. She would need to be set up next to a vegetarian booth, so she could grab lunch during the day.


5. Rachel

Rachel would feel out of place on the farm. She would best be described as Mrs. Douglas from Green Acres. She was originally from the city, selling Ralph Lauren when she met a small-town farmer who she fell madly in love with. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much in common, besides their love for one another. She tries to be useful by cooking, but ends up burning the dish or combining two recipes into one. 


6. Ross

Ross would never make it as a farmer because all he can think about is taking a break, and we all know there is never truly a break when you are a farmer. 

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