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Viral video of man carrying horse true, but no snake


If you have seen a video circulating of a man carrying a horse for three miles after it was bitten by a snake, only part of the story is true. Snopes did a fact check on the video and found the only truth to the story is the strong man. There was no venomous snake bite.

The Ukranian powerlifter was just doing some strength training.

Dmytro Vasilievich Khaladzhi holds several Ukranian power lifting records (not 63 Guinness World Records as Snopes debunked again) and is known for doing some crazy feats of strength. He has used his hands to hammer nails into a board of wood during a performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent show, has been run over by trucks, had giant timbers broken across his back, and lifted vehicles with his legs. Oh, and he also carries horses for fun.

You may have even seen Khaladzhi in person. From 2011 to 2012 Khaladzhi worked in the Ringling Brothers circus. He visited 41 states during his tours.

In the summer of 2012 he received a proposal to perform a leading role in the movie Ivan Syla, hence why he stopped his contract with the American circus. He now has his own circus program and makes tours in Ukraine and other countries.

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