Cattle make the best ‘derp faces.’ See for yourself!


Cattle can make the funniest facial expressions, and it’s easy to be left wondering: What are they doing and why are they doing that? What are they thinking? It really can add a lot of humor to anyone’s day on the farm. And sometimes, those facial expressions and behaviors give us insight to their moods and health! For example, when they chew their cud, that’s typically a sign of a happy, healthy, relaxed animal.

Other times, however, you just have to chalk it up to the cattle breed. Ask anyone who has Jersey cows, and they’ll explain, “Oh, that’s just a Jersey thing.” Often times they do silly things for no reason, demand attention. Holsteins aren’t usually the brightest, and tend to be “lickers.” Regardless, it’s fun to understand the breeds and their quirks and embraces their “weird.” Just take a look at these guys!

Image by Jeanie Fox Pierard
Image by Ian and Nancy McDowell

That’s the other funny thing about cattle — their long tongues are oftentimes tools to get the bat out of the cave. In fact, cows play with their tongues so much that it has become a popular hashtag for agricultural advocates: #TongueOutTuesday. Try it sometime! Post a picture of your critters on a Tuesday, because really, don’t you wish you could do this? Er, maybe not …

Image by Devon Morrison

In addition to eating their own boogers, cattle often make “derpy” faces like this:

Image by Jessica Gloe
Image by Courtney Bassler – “Cow Talk” group on Facebook

Inspired by photos like this, we here at AGDAILY decided to celebrate cattle’s “derp face” and even hand out a prize to our favorite submission! Hundreds of people submitted photos of their cattle making funny faces on camera. This was our top pick! ?

Makenna Cyr
Image by Makenna Cyr

Thanks, Makenna Cyr for this adorable photo!  We’ll send you some AGDAILY swag as a thank you. Makenna is quoted as saying, “Annabelle was the queen of calf selfies. She loved making faces whenever I’d take a picture, so I started to join her ?”

It was a really tough decision.  Others that were loved, too, included a few of these guys:

Image by Janet Isaacson

Doesn’t he just look like he’s saying “derp da derp …” ? I really love this face.

Image by Carissa Blake

Tongue out Tuesday! Carissa Blake and Daryl, because who doesn’t love a good photobomb?

Or this one of Stephanie and Holly?

Image by Stephanie Schweigert

In addition to adorably hilarious photobombs and #felfies, (another great hashtag to discover — the farmer selfie or #felfie), teeth also make an excellent conversation piece. Particularly with young calves who show off their underbites like champions and showcase their love of neck scratches in the process:

Image by Katelyn Billingsley
Image by Lindsey Reed
Image by Brandi Martin
Image by Julie Winnicky

This pic below from Lindy Batten has it all! The “derp face,” the #felfie, #TongueOutTuesday, and all the rest!

Image by Lindy Batten

And this calf? Owner Kelsey McDonald is quoted as saying, “I actually named this calf Derp lol! Definitely the most unique calf I’ve ever had! And despite his google eyes, sideways tongue and Mickey Mouse ears, he’s thrived! ❤️”

Image by Kelsey McDonald

While some farmers showcase their beauty and smiles and Christmas spirit, other bovines don’t shy away from outpouring their inner Scrooge. Folks, I bring you exhibit A:


Images by Tay Hensley

Looks like someone is getting a lump of coal in his stocking!

Oh, cattle. Ya gotta love ’em and all their quirks. Which photo is your favorite? A big thanks to all who sent in photos!


Michelle Miller, the Farm Babe, is a farmer, public speaker and writer who has worked for years with row crops, beef cattle, and sheep. She believes education is key in bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.

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