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South Dakota teen kills mountain lion after farm attacks


A 14-year-old teen is getting national attention after taking matters into his own hands last week on his family’s farm near Custer, South Dakota.  After Black Hills Goat Dairy had lost a duck, a house cat, a chicken, and a goat to a preying mountain lion, Dalton Streff grabbed a rifle and headed out to catch the beast.

Using a Little Tykes Playhouse as a blind, Streff waited for about a half hour before noticing the mountain lion was back and about to pounce on another house cat. The teen quietly loaded one round, looked through the scope, and shot the 70-pound female.

The South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks advises those living in lion country to:

  • Keep pets under control. Roaming pets are easy prey and can attract mountain lions. Bring pets in at night. If you leave your pet outside, keep it in a kennel with a secure top. Do not feed pets outside. This can attract raccoons and other animals that are eaten by lions. Store all garbage securely.
  • Place livestock in enclosed sheds or barns at night. Close doors to all outbuildings since inquisitive mountain lions may go inside for a look.
  • Mountain lions cover their kill. If you find what looks like a lion kill, stay clear. The lion may be guarding it.
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