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GSI’s Under-Bin Conveyor offers new level of efficiency and durability

jaclyn krymowski


Farmers have a new opportunity to better unload their grain this harvest season. Grain Systems Inc. (GSI) has showcased its new Under-Bin Conveyor system at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show. Designed for efficiency, safety, ease of use, and long-life, it has a promising future alongside other conveyor systems GSI has long been recognized for.

“This system offers a new look at methods to unload grain bins,” said Jeff Schwab, Material Handling Specialist, who was at the GSI booth (#7801 in the South Wing) at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show. “Compared to standard chain conveyors, the Under-Bin does less damage to materials as they are run through.”

Even before the product was developed, dedicated GSI customers asked about this kind of system, which could improve upon similar ones developed by competitors. Now fully on the market, the Under-Bin comes in 12-by-12-inch, 16-by-12-inch, and 21-by-21-inch sizes.

The GSI Under-Bin Conveyor offers higher capacity bin unloading and improved durability, while also being gentler on grain than auger unloads. The conveyor comes with intermediate and center wells fully installed from the factory for faster and more accurate assembly.

The conveyor is designed to be fully integrated into bins ranging from 15 feet through 72 feet in diameter. It sits comfortably under floor aeration models with a 17-inch depth and is compatible with GSI farm sweeps. Enclosed shaft, drive and bearings assure safe, reliable operation for years to come as GSI products have been known for. These modifications also require less maintenance. And the system is a dedicated workhorse with maximum efficiency in mind. It is designed to unload 3,000 to 10,000 bushels per hour during the heart of the harvest season.

Also of note, the Under-Bin Conveyor requires less assembly for installation compared to traditional systems. It comes with factory installed pre-plumbed center and intermediate wells for quick and easy setup on farm.

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