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KUHN CCX 9000ACC cover crop seeder brings added capacity

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The KUHN Krause CCX 9000ACC cover crop seeder made an appearance with its enhanced hopper at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville. Designed for additional use with the KUHN Excelerator model, or a similar piece of tillage machinery, this implement enables farmers to establish a cover crop while performing vertical tillage, saving time and money.

Originally, the seeder was designed with a 21-cubic-foot hopper capacity, but it now also offers 34- and 45-cubic-foot capacities, equaling 1,512 pounds and 2,015 pounds of rye respectively. The CCX 9000 comes in three models, with a basic mounting frame that can be easily mounted to machines of their choosing.

“The seeder’s two strongest points are accuracy of the metering systems and its ease of use for calibration,” said Peter Goodge, Product Manager.

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The hopper feeds seed to the electric drive metering unit, which uses a speed signal from the tractor to ensure a consistent application rate regardless of forward speed variations. This electric drive features a unique dual-spline system — meaning there are no components to add or remove when changing between small and large seed types or when switching between rates. This is the same seed distribution seen on the air drills used in Europe. This volumetric metering unit is also made for precise rate control and ease of calibration. The accompanying blower fan is driven hydraulically from tractor selective control valves, and the speed is adjusted to suit seed type by adjusting oil flow from the tractor.

Small seed splines are used to reduce the volume of the metering unit when working with small seeds at low rates. They are engaged or disengaged without adding or removing any components from the metering unit. Thanks to these system, very precise seed distribution is another component the system boasts.

The seeder is also compatible with KUHN’s Quantron S-2, a touchscreen controlled from the cab that allows the operator to control all aspects of the CCX 9000.

cover crop seeder
KUHN Krause CCX 9000ACC cover crop seeder {Image by Jaclyn Krymowski)
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