Central Life Sciences: Keep your #harvest17 bug free

· November 16, 2017

When it comes to insect control in stored grain, Central Life Sciences says have a plan. We had the opportunity to visit with Tracy Harris, Director of Sales, Central Life Sciences at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention last week in Kansas City. Harris said rice weevil went much farther north this year than […]

NAFB 2017: What’s trending at Trade Talk?

· November 9, 2017

The next time you turn on the radio in the cab, you just might hear one of thousands of interviews given at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting National Convention in Kansas City on Thursday. Trade Talk is the centerpiece event of the NAFB National Convention, where the ag industry connects with member broadcasters to […]

Mycogen: Growers reflect before purchasing 2017 seeds

· December 8, 2016

Before purchasing seeds for the 2017 growing season, one Mycogen expert says growers should reflect on on the 2016 season and take a further examination into why fields yielded the way they did. Was it environmental conditions, management, or hybrid selection? As Andrew Hoffman, Agronomy Marketing Manager, Mycogen Seeds points out, it’s also important for […]

Wyffels Hybrids: Consider brand personality

· December 5, 2016

Choosing the right hybrids is a critical step for maximum yields and profitability, especially when corn margins are tight. So how do young or beginning farmers choose a seed supplier? We spoke to Jeff Hartz, Director of Marketing, Wyffels Hybrids at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention in Kansas City and he believes it […]

Syngenta can help farmers frame their sustainability story

· November 29, 2016

Aw the buzz word sustainability … a popular subject no matter what side of the fence you are on. As Liz Hunt, Sustainable Solutions Lead, Syngenta, points out farmers have always been sustainable; it’s just a matter of framing the story. We got the opportunity to chat with Hunt at the National Association of Farm […]

Case IH challenges growers to rethink productivity

· November 28, 2016

Earlier this fall, Case IH launched a new tagline “Rethink Productivity”  to demonstrate a new focus on future innovations that help producers achieve high-efficiency farming practices. Dan Danford, public relations manager for Case IH, said really growers should rethink every season. From tillage practices and planter technology to the importance of a good seedbed floor, […]

United Soybean Board: Look at value instead of volume

· November 23, 2016

When commodity prices get tough, the United Soybean Board advises growers to focus on the value behind the product. We spoke to Jared Hagert, a soybean farmer and USB chair at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s annual convention earlier this month and he filled us in on how soy checkoff is encouraging farmers to […]

Bayer Animal Health’s Zelnate ramps up cattle immune system

· November 17, 2016

Bayer Animal Health has a new product out on the market for bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and it’s not a vaccine, it’s not an antibiotic …  it’s Zelnate.  Zelnate DNA Immunostimulant gets the innate system ready to identify and attack an infection. As Dr. Larry Hawkins, senior technical services veterinarian with Bayer Animal Health, described […]

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