Baxter Black: On county fairs and feeding America

· July 29, 2022

With the arrival of county fair season, beloved cowboy poet Baxter Black (who passed away in 2022) shared his encouragement in a 2020 video for the kids who will hopefully grow up to feed America. While showing livestock may not be everyone’s cup of tea, youth rely on the companies and individuals that purchase livestock to keep them in business. In his video, Baxter said, “It’s all the more critical that we instill a passion for agriculture in the next generation. Should America become an importer of food in 25 years?”

Showing livestock isn’t practical — but exhibitors are learning skills far more profound than carrying a bucket. They’re learning what it takes to make dirt and rain into food, and they’re putting that mountain of knowledge into practice. The county agents, fair boards, businesses, and associations that support fairs get it — and so did Baxter Black. It’s why they show, and it’s why we support them. After all, we’ve all got to eat. 

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