Carhartt paints a Father’s Day thank you for nearly century-old farm

· June 18, 2017

In honor of Father’s Day, Carhartt has given several father-run businesses — including a couple of farms — a personal hand-painted thank you. As Carhartt says: “Father’s Day isn’t about deciding what to get the guy who has everything. It’s about honoring the man who taught you everything.”

Check out what Carhatt did at Gritt’s Farm, where the family was brought together as the farm had been struggling to make ends meet.

On it’s Facebook page, the farm said:

“I think our parents and grandparents would be very proud to see this tribute to Bob and his sons Bobby and Brad. Even more I think they would be very impressed with the changes to the farm and carrying on the family tradition.”

In case you missed it, the company did a stand-up job honoring all the hard-working moms on Mother’s Day.

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