International Women’s Day celebrates women in ag

· March 8, 2019

As the world celebrates International Women’s day, we think it is especially important to highlight the women working in agriculture. This unique field is often mistaken as a man’s job. More recently there has been an emphasis on the work we can accomplish together. It is not gender specific, but it is for the hard working, passionate people who love this land. 

John Deere highlights the hard-working women in agriculture and looks toward the future. With so many opportunities in ag, anyone can have a future in agriculture. There are no limitations as a woman in ag. 

Janell Aust with Aust Farms said, “Knowing that you dont have to be in production ag, like we are. You can be in research, food science, marketing, all these different things and still be tied back to your ag roots.”

Happy International Women’s day — continue to change the world around us for the better!  

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