A stunning tribute to farming and small-town America

http://www.howfarmswork.com/ · January 4, 2019

Ryan Kuster, who runs the YouTube channel How Farms Work, spent 10 months and put in more than 150 hours of editing in this beautiful video celebrating small towns.

He says, “This video is dedicated to all those who have been lost.” It was filmed in several areas in southwest Wisconsin, his home state.

“Never forget to appreciate the loved ones around you and those who have helped you get where you are today. I wanted to make a Rewind that shows appreciation to those who got us where we are today: My grandparents, as well as my late mentor Charlie Bull, who inspired my interest in photography and taught me the basics of video making, which I first put to use in 2012.

This video is also dedicated to Troy Gentry, who with Eddie Montgomery were an inspiration to me growing up, and an inspiration for our most successful Rewind yet, ‘Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm,’ which has over 1.2 million views.”

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