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Toby Keith pleads on behalf of wildfire victims

· March 28, 2017

As Toby Keith says, “around here, we take care of our own.” That’s why Keith has put together this PSA video for the Ashland Community Foundation, pressing for more donations to our farming and ranching friends devastated from the recent wildfires. Thank you Mr. Keith!

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Heifer versus Temple police officer: Heifer wins

· March 27, 2017

#ICYMI — this viral video from Temple, Texas has been getting quite a bit of attention. The clip was taken from the dash cam where you can see Officer Gabriel Estrella following the runaway bovine and trying to close it in the gate. But this heifer had other plans. According to Texas news outlets, the […]

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The ups and downs of a year on Oregon’s Setniker Farms

· March 24, 2017

This video takes you through a full calendar year — the trials and tribulations, the successes, and the failures of Setniker Farms in Oregon. The farm is about 10 miles west of Salem, and the filmmaker is the third generation on the family farm. He farms a variety of crops with his mom and dad, as […]

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