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Farmers Business Network to offer seed line growers can keep


Farmers Business Network is rolling out the F2F Genetics Network, a new seed line, model for the future of seed development and direct-to-farm distribution. The F2F Genetics Network will bring farmers conventional (non-GM) and post-patent seeds in corn, soybeans, and other crops direct to FBN members with greater transparency on genetic identity, yield performance and prices.

“FBN members are fed up with high seed costs and reduced competition from industry consolidation,” said Ron Wulfkuhle, Head of Seed at the FBN network, who will lead the F2F Genetics Network. “In the F2F Genetics Network, farmers go from seed consumers and price takers to seed creators and market drivers.”

The F2F Genetics Network combines a new independent breeder network, with the FBN farmer-to-farmer network and agronomic data science platform. The F2F Genetics Network puts farmers closer to the breeders than before, enabling farmers to actively co-develop genetics through data, creating a new era of high-performance seeds delivered at vastly lower costs for farmers.

The F2F Genetics Network was created to put Farmers First in seed, with these core principles:

  • Interactive and Independent Network of Breeders and Farmers: Farmers take an active role in seed development through data to develop better performing varieties for their specific environments. By being totally independent, the F2F Genetic Network can find the best genetics from breeders, universities, and novel technology companies.
  • Performance: F2F seeds will be uncompromising on performance with the flexibility to select and target the highest performing genetics from our independent breeder network. Farmers’ seed-soil placement, population, fertility, and disease management, will be assisted through the FBN analytics network.
  • Transparency: FBN members will get for the first-time greater transparency on genetic identity, trial and yield performance, and pricing. Fore genetic identity, seed parental lineages and relabeling matches will be shown up front. FBN members will get access to both pre-commercial breeder trial and actual in-field performance from other FBN members, instead of just the “promotional” test plots traditionally used to sell seed.
  • Fair Pricing: The F2F Genetic Network will use national, transparent pricing, and eliminate the practice of discriminatory regional zone pricing. By selling direct-to-farm through the FBN Direct e-commerce platform, we will be able to keep seed prices exceptionally low.
  • Freedom to Keep Seed: Seed keeping will be enabled with the Soy+1SM program, restrictive bundles are eliminated with flexible financing and discounts on other inputs in FBN Direct.

“Farmers will not only have access to lower cost seed, but also the transparency farmers have come to expect from Farmers Business Network, and the opportunity to actively shape the future of seed.” said Wulfkuhle.

“Farmers Business Network at its core believes transparency, competition, and innovation are keys to farmer profitability,” said Amol Deshpande, CEO of Farmers Business Network. “Input prices, specifically seed, continue to grow fast than the commodity prices farmers receive. We are looking to reverse this unsustainable trend by fighting for farmer profitability with innovative solutions that give farmers leverage, even if they are unpopular with the industry, or downright contrarian.”

The F2F Genetics Network’s Soy+1 program will also allow farmers, for a fee, to keep, clean and replant F2F Genetic Network-branded soybean seeds.

Orders and commitments for F2F Genetics Network seed have already commenced, with a limited supply available for the 2019 season. Initial products will include five conventional corn hybrids (RM 102 – 112) and four glyphosate tolerant soybean varieties (RM 2.2 – 3.1). These seeds have multiple years of production history, and are bred to be suitable in the mid-latitudes from Nebraska to Ohio.

Additional hybrids and varieties, as well as other crops are rapidly being added to the network.

Early order participants, who complete a credit application and qualify, will also receive 0% extended terms and the F2F Unbundle with discounts on an unrestricted selection of inputs offered through FBN Direct.

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