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Winfield United R7 Field Monitoring Tool delivers the intel


Getting the right input, in the right spot, at the right time is often the issue when looking at field data. That’s where a new technology from Winfield United comes in.

The R7 Field Monitoring Tool from WinField United is a new technology option that helps farmers scout more efficiently and plan input applications more precisely by providing up-to-date crop information throughout the season. This comprehensive, timely data helps farmers save time during the busy growing season by having the intel they and their agronomists need right on their tablets to monitor crop progress and promptly address field issues.

“Farmers always want to quickly respond if their high-value fields need attention,” says Kevin Eye, vice president, agronomy and product development, WinField United. “Not reacting promptly can lead to a decline in yield potential and reduced ROI. Particularly for progressive, high-management farmers, these are not acceptable scenarios. The Field Monitoring Tool helps them proactively manage their operations by using timely data that’s delivered regularly.”

Available as part of the WinField United R7 Tool, the company’s proprietary ag technology solution, the Field Monitoring Tool offers a number of features and benefits for farmers and agronomists:

  • Multifield dashboard. The Field Monitoring Tool tracks the day-to-day performance of all fields in an operation. This strategic perspective helps farmers determine where to focus scouting efforts and which fields need attention most, allowing them to better manage their time and resources. Daily summaries of field performance make it easy to identify fields where crop health has changed and attention is needed.
  • Benchmarking capabilities. The Field Monitoring Tool benchmarks fields and instantly identifies those that are performing above, at, and below average so any needed corrective measures can be prioritized. Up to five seasons of university data and imagery are also available so farmers can compare yield results, weather patterns, and management decisions year-to-year to make various determinations, including input rates and yield potential.
  • In-season imagery updates. A daily summary of field performance and frequent in-season satellite imagery alert farmers and agronomists to the effects of severe weather, weed escapes, disease outbreaks, insect pressures, or nutrient deficiencies. This information helps them schedule scouting efforts to diagnose and treat problems.
  • Post-harvest analysis. The Field Monitoring Tool compares current season performance with that of past seasons, allowing farmers to make more informed decisions about the future. The R7 Tool Profitability Map helps determine where money was made or lost in a field and evaluate which in-season inputs provided a positive return.

“The Field Monitoring Tool allows for greater collaboration between the farmer and the agronomist through shared field information and crop alerts,” says Eye. “It doesn’t replace boots on the ground and good, solid scouting. But it does deliver quality data that allows farmers and agronomists to collectively identify a potential challenge or opportunity, and then determine the most appropriate course of action before yield potential is compromised.”

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