How FFA members can celebrate National Ag Day


This week is an exciting time for agriculturists everywhere — it is National Ag Week! This year it runs from March 22 to 28, and National Ag Day takes place on Tuesday, March 23. The whole point of National Ag Day is to recognize and celebrate the contribution that agriculture has in our everyday lives. 

National Ag Day is a time when producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America gather to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture. For FFA chapters and its members, that means celebrating agriculture even more than we already do. Check out the list below to see how you can celebrate throughout the week — big or small. 

1. Read ag related stories to younger students

National Ag Day is all about celebrating agriculture and what better way to celebrate than to share your excitement with the next generation. Check out what is available in your elementary library that tells the exciting story of agriculture. Younger students always look up to older students and when they see your interest, it could spark their own passion for agriculture. 

2. Bring your family in on the fun 

Another great way to share your passion for agriculture is to express it with the food we eat. A simple, yet impactful way to show that is to cook your favorite meal for your family. You can even tell them where the products come from and test their knowledge with how our food is grown. 

3. Contact your legislator

In addition to educating those closest to you, it is also important to reach out to your government leaders. It is easy to find your representative online and to contact their office to set up a time to meet. They are always eager to engage with the next generation — whether in person or through a virtual meeting. Be ready to talk about issues that you are passionate about. If you need help with informational resources, contact your local Farm Bureau office for help. 

4. Use your social media channels to reach others

Current FFA members are the generation of social media — use that to your advantage to educate others. You could make a TikTok, create a fun Instagram story, or make an educational post on Facebook. Just a reminder, be sure to interact with others once you have posted the information.

5. Thank a farmer 

Although we just celebrated Thank a Farmer Week (February 28 to March 6), it is never too late to show your support and appreciation — after all, without farmers there would not be a National Ag Week. Your chapter could write thank you cards and hand them out to farmers or have them available at the local co-op.

6. Pizza party for your chapter

Who doesn’t love a good pizza party?! Explain how ingredients from your favorite food comes from the hard work of farmers and ranchers. In addition to how it is grown, you can explain how each ingredient is processed and delivered to the grocery store or restaurant. Check out this great explanation of each ingredient from Farm Bureau to get you started.

7. Support your local farmers markets

Your local farmers market is a great place to make connections and celebrate agriculture with others. This would be an ideal spot to bring thank you notes to thank your local farmers. Especially after the year they have had due to COVID, they could use your support this year. 

8. Further educate yourself through conferences & podcast 

No matter how long you have been involved in agriculture, there is always room for learning. A great way to further your education (and to network) is to attend industry conferences, like the National Ag Day Virtual Event. With most conferences still using a virtual platform, it has never been easier. If conferences aren’t your thing, check out different types of podcasts to continue your education, like this one that is centered around National Ag Week and has a new speaker every day. 

Agriculture provides almost everything we eat, wear, and fuels our day to day lives. Each year, members of the agricultural industry gather together to promote American agriculture during many events, but National Ag Week is one of our favorites (AGDAILY is even a National Ag Day sponsor). With each outreach event, we can help educate millions of consumers.

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