Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from April 6


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for April 6. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Last night was one of our hardest nights of calving to date. We got home at midnight from a family event, and woke up at 2:30 am to check on cattle to find one calving. We sat in the mud and snow and assisted in every way possible. She was in so much pain and we knew by the time the calf was born this mom wouldn’t make it. She prolapsed and we couldn’t get her up and fixed. My husband knew what he needed to do. So we took the calf and cleaned him up, got him warm and comfy, and holden went back out to the lot to assist the mom so she was no longer in any pain. “Put these on,” he said as he handed me a pair of ear muffs. And we cried. We cried so hard. We sat in the driveway and bawled because we felt like we failed as cattlemen. But we didn’t. Because just inside those doors was a new calf and he was alive and breathing and warming up. And so we sat with the calf a little longer to make sure he would be okay. And finally got back home at 5:30 am and fell back into bed for another hour of sleep. Got up and fed the other babies and went back to farming and work. This isn’t easy and it’s so hard to see what was left over from the night before on your coat. But you get up, you put on your boots and hold your head up, because you know this is what God is calling you to. ? #carhartt #farming #cattleman #farmher #womeninag #calving18 #agdaily #bottlecalf #home #iowacattleman

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Our dairy industry is facing some tough times right now, but a good #dairydanceoff certainly helps lighten the mood! Rodney Atkins said it best when he sang ?There aint no better life for me? I absolutely love this life we live even during the hard times. I love raising our girls on the dairy. I love that my husband comes in from the dairy for lunch with us everyday. I love the sense of family and the work ethic farm life creates. I love the care we take of our cows and our land. We made our Dairy Dance Off a family affair even Duchess wanted to get in on the dancing. Thank you @ashlylarson96 for the nomination. Sorry it took me a few days (or more) to get it posted. I would like to nominate @hillary_vh @theidahodairydiva and @bree.bone ? Also, swipe right ➡️ for a bonus video that Gwenevere wanted to share you all. And check out my instastories for the bloopers!

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Wishing everyone luck at our 2nd day of Convention! ?? #FFA #BlueandGold

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Local, Canadian, Pasture Raised ??☀️

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“The Bridgeport Valley is one of California's hidden gems, and I congratulate all of the parties who had a role in securing an agricultural conservation easement on the Sceirine Point Ranch. Our department is pleased to be part of the Sustainable Ag Lands Conservation program, which achieves the important benefits of both conserving agricultural land and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This easement also has the added effect of protecting wildlife habitat, wetland areas, and riparian corridors.” DOC Director David Bunn . . . . . #SALC#saveCAfarms #rural_love #farms #farming #agdaily #cagrown #aglife #californiafarmsandranches #farmlife #climatechange #ranchers #capandtrade #SALC #californiaagriculture #ranch #californiaranch #californiafarm #cacounties #sustainableagricultureprogram

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