New farm movie, ‘The Biggest Little Farm,’ in theaters May 10


When I first saw the trailer for the movie, The Biggest Little Farm, I was pretty doubtful. It looked like another “better than thou” movie. City folks move to a farm because they know better than today’s hardworking farmers and ranchers. However, when I rewatched the trailer recently, I had a change of heart. Maybe my coffee had kicked in or my heart warmed up with the weather, but I found my self generally engaged in this trailer. Check it out for yourself!

After watching it the second time I saw something different. I saw a couple who wanted to actually DO something, instead of just making negative comments online. John and Molly Chester took a risk to follow their passion and start their own farm. That is something any farmer or rancher could appreciate. They were able to document how vital, yet crippling Mother Nature can be in the agriculture industry. The agriculture industry is big enough to be inclusive for all types of growers, from 1,000 head of cattle to just two — it takes all kinds to feed the growing population.  

According to the movie’s website, “Apricot Lane Farms is a traditional foods farm started by John and Molly Chester, a husband and wife team, who left their jobs in Los Angeles to become farmers and pursue their dream vision of starting Apricot Lane Farms in 2011. Located 40 miles north of Los Angeles, the farm is dedicated to the mission of creating a well-balanced eco-system and rich soils that produce nutrient-dense foods while treating the environment and the animals with respect.”

“Apricot Lane farm residents include pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, horses, highland cattle, and one brown swiss dairy cow named “Maggie.” Many of which, you will meet in The Biggest Little Farm. The land consists of Biodynamic Certified avocado and lemon orchards, a vegetable garden, pastures, and over 75 varieties of stone fruit.” 

Although I am excited for the debut, I hope they don’t throw modern farming under the bus. John says in the trailer they would be “like a traditional farm from the past. Our version of a farm would be different: plants, wildlife, livestock all working together.” I don’t know know one farmer or rancher that doesn’t have a combination of those. Granted, not every row crop farmer has livestock and not every rancher has crops, but that goes back to what best suits your land and the soils.

Growing up on a small farm, I also have an appreciation for a balanced way of life. With this new found interest, I have added it to my “Watch List.” The Biggest Little Farm is being released Friday, May 10 in select cities

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