Here’s to all the hard-working farm moms!


To all the farm moms out there, we see you! We see you working in the field. We see you cooking a nutritious super after you have been at work all day and all you really want is a glass of wine and for the kids to eat cereal and call it a day. We see you at drop-offs, pick-ups, ball games, dance recitals, driving the tractor, and sorting the herd. You are superwoman! You know what your kids need and when they need it. You know the ins and outs of the farm operation. We see you and we appreciate you. We know the farm and family depend on your strength each and everyday, and we thank you! Here’s to all the farm moms out there!

A farm mom’s work is not for the faint of heart. Check out this poem to truly understand how much you are appreciated. 

A farm mom is not your ordinary mom; She is one who works hard from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn.

She is loving, caring and tough as nails; And is even dad’s number one helper hauling hay bales.

If daddy gets sick and cannot do chores; A farm mom is the first one out the door.

She keeps track of records and make sure everything is right; To always ensure the future of our farm is bright.

A farm mom also cooks the most delicious meals; Sometimes so good, we have to wonder if it is real.

She works in the garden, cleans the house and helps out with farm chores; And of course always makes sure her kids are never bored.

She worries a lot and always makes daddy make her a deal, That he will watch us carefully while he takes us working in the field.

A farm mom also tends to the sick animals we face; She takes care of them with such compassion and grace.

If her children or husband are sick, hurt or not feeling swell, Our farm mom will do whatever she can to make us well.

She hauls us to fairs, shows and maybe even rodeos; And always make sure we are in presentable clothes.

She does the laundry and makes sure we always have everything we need; And teaches us to never be disrespectful or show greed.

As we get older, we soon understand; That to have a farm mom as a mom makes us the luckiest kids in the land.

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A farm mom is the most unselfish woman we know; Always putting her family and farm first before herself, don’t you know?

She can ease our worries and dry our tears. And chase away our deepest fears.

As the days pass by and the years drag on, A farm mom still continues to remain strong.

Through good times and bad, She always stands firmly right beside dad.

Truth is, we need more moms like her; Because a farm mom is a real treasure.

Farm moms, we can never say thanks enough; As we know your lifestyle is extremely tough.

As a farm kid, there I one thing I can boldly say. My farm mom will always brighten my day.

Next time you (farm mom) are feeling a little overwhelmed and distressed; Please remember that as a farm mom, you truly are blessed.

Thank you farm moms for everything you do. For being a great example and supporter, just to name a few.

Thank you to my farm mom for everything you have done; As you have shown me how the game of life is won.

So to all you farm moms everywhere, Please realize that there are truly none others that compare.

As I look to the future, I can clearly see, A farm mom is exactly who I want to be.

Now if you are a farm boy, don’t shy away, Because you know you want a farm mom as a wife someday.

Truth is, we truly cannot deny; Farm moms are the best, and now you have an explanation why.

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