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Conservis launches Zone Economics tool for farmers


Conservis, an enterprise farm management software, announces the deployment of Zone Economics. which delivers actionable insights to farmers. Enabling growers to compare and evaluate the economic efficiency of their field practices, this tool provides a data lens to understand how their in-field decisions affect their bottom line.

Using Zone Economics, growers can supersede the guessing game of what’s economically most effective. Zone economics puts farmers in a position of power by revealing answers to frequently asked questions:

  • What part of the field is losing money?
  • Which seed rates are most profitable?
  • Was that last spray application really required?

The measure of farm operation performance is shifting away from yield alone. In reality, a high-output field may not be the most cost-efficient. Volatile commodity prices, ever-increasing costs for inputs, and rising labor rates are squeezing margins like never before. As a result, cost-effective production has become the new measure of success. In order to make the best business decisions about a farm’s operation, it’s critical to understand how and where money is being spent within a field.

Zone Economics requires that equipment be connected to Climate FieldView and/or John Deere Operations Center through a simple integration. That as-applied and yield data then combines with Conservis costs and activities, bringing growers an in-field economic analysis that paints the full picture. Applying actual activity costs provides growers the cost of production, right down to the square yard.

Growers can evaluate and measure field and activity performance using side-by-side comparisons. Costs and activities function as stackable layers that can be selected to readily view application and yield analysis, allowing growers to see everything that happened on that field in a single view.

Conservis is independent, guarantees total data protection and has no loyalty to anyone except the farmer. Growers own their data and Conservis rigorously adheres to the privacy standards adopted by Ag Data Transparent. Learn more about Zone Economics.

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