Looking for dairy influencers to share your message? Work with these farmers


Building an audience in social media that is truly engaged can be tough — it won’t happen overnight, no matter how many young social media influencers you see out there. It takes time, patience and a lot of creativity to create videos and photos and to have conversations with strangers who don’t know much about farming.


Many times, ag and food companies will reach out to their advertising agencies to connect with social media influencers to talk about farming and how food is produced. They select these influencers based on who they think is best to reach their target audience. Sometimes this works, but are you really going to change the minds of a consumer about farming if the social media influencer isn’t a farming subject matter expert?

I think the best social media influencers who connect with consumers about farming are the farmers themselves.

But maybe you don’t know who these farming social media influencers are because they aren’t connected to a large influencer agency available to your advertising agency. Well, that’s exactly why I’m putting this post together.

Here are the dairy farmers who have connected directly with consumers. They have large followings and engaged audiences. The number of comments, shares, and likes they get are usually a lot more than some of the biggest social media stars with millions of followers.

So, if you are looking for the best engagement, creativity, and expertise directly from the farm, I suggest you look through this list and connect with these farmers directly. I’m sure they would be happy to work with you to get the reach and engagement you seek.

Top dairy farmers connecting with consumers

TDF Honest Farming
Dairy Carrie
NY Farm Girls
Modern-Day Farm Chick
New Mexico Milkmaid
The Farmer’s Wifee
Gilmer Dairy
10th Generation Dairyman
Dairy Farming with Kip Siegler
Dwayne Faber
Dairy Discovery
See Jess Farm
Cow Comfort Inn Dairy
CA Dairy Dad
Guernsey Dairy Mama
Farming With The Hilbys
Mackinson Dairy Farm
Eat Farm Love
CA Dairy Wife
Farmer Nate
Jenni Tilton-Flood
Coldstream Farms
Dairy Good Life
Kyle Humphrey
Cinnamon Ridge Farm
Ridge Comedy Farm

By the way, these farmers are happy to help, but you shouldn’t expect them to reach out to their audiences for free. They are social media influencers, and you should pay them just like you would any other influencer. They just come with a lot more farm and food credibility and you know you can trust their work ethic.

I apologize if I’ve missed any names and you want to be on the list. Leave a comment below or reach out to me and I’ll be sure to add you.

If you want to get started on social media, I recommend you reach out to your local dairy checkoff and see how they can help you get started using social media to connect directly with consumers.

To learn more about your national dairy checkoff, visit or send a request to join our Dairy Checkoff Facebook group.

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