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Survey shows rural America proud to live in small towns


Rural America is happy to call small towns ‘home,’ according to a new survey released by The America’s Farmers Community Outreach Programs. The vast majority of rural survey respondents said they are happy with the overall quality of life in their community and say their towns instill a sense of pride in residents, thanks to their communities’ friendliness, cost of living, safety, and beauty of their natural environment.

The survey was completed as part of the America’s Farmers Community Outreach Programs’ new ‘My Town’ campaign, which looks to celebrate rural farming communities and their unique attributes. Through a series of videos, the ‘My Town’ campaign will highlight small towns that truly embody the altruistic and innovative spirit of rural America, as well as the sense of pride their residents have for their community, including Abbott, TX; Effingham, IL; Leitchfield, KY, and Princeton, MN to start.


“Through the America’s Farmers Community Outreach programs, our aim has always been to advocate for local farmers and the areas where they live,” said Heather Wolfe, America’s Farmers program manager. “While the ‘My Town’ campaign is focused on telling the unique stories of a few rural farming towns, these communities collectively represent the heart and soul that can be found throughout small towns across the U.S.”

The campaign also asks people across the country to share their own stories about where they live, and what makes them proud of where they’re from. Those with a personal story to share can use #MyTownProud on their social channels for a chance to be featured on the America’s Farmers website and social channels.

The survey also found most rural residents believe farmers have a ‘big impact’ or ‘very big impact’ on their lives. Both small town locals and city dwellers had positive things to say about farmers, describing them as hard working and under-appreciated.



The America’s Farmers programs, including the Grow Communities, Grow Rural Education, and Grow Ag Leaders programs, partner with farmers to celebrate these rural communities and provide them with support and resources. For more than seven years, the America’s Farmers Community Outreach Programs has seen first-hand the innovative nature of small towns throughout the U.S., providing more than $42 million to support rural non-profits, school districts, and students.

“Through the America’s Farmers programs, we’ve seen first-hand the impact the programs have on these small towns, reaching areas and organizations that need support the most,” said Wolfe. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to tell these unique stories, showcasing communities throughout the U.S., while learning more about what makes residents in these areas proud to be from their small towns.”

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