Is TikTok the next big thing in social media — even for farmers?


While everyone’s grandparents are using Facebook, and the millennials dominate Instagram Stories, you might be wondering where the cool kids are hanging out.

It’s probably TikTok.

Started in China, TikTok is now a global sensation and network filled with short video content. The audience is mostly younger (under 30), and it is around the size of Instagram with about 1 billion users worldwide.

How do you use TikTok?

It’s pretty straight forward — you just need to install TikTok (iPhone or Android) on your mobile phone, and you can start watching videos. If you set up an account, TikTok will start curating videos to match what you already are liking.

Post a video to TikTok

You can create a 15- or 60-second video or upload an existing one. TikTok will let you add effects similar to other networks, but you can add music and sound effects over the video. You can create audio mash-ups or choose from TikTok’s massive song library.

Another difference is that people are encouraged to download and share your videos in other platforms. It can even be made into a gif quickly.

How do people see your video?

It’s best practice to use popular hashtags (single words unlike word mash-ups on Instagram) so users can find your videos. It’s good to do some research for your hashtags — #foryou and #foryoupage are used to get on the TikTok front page, but here are some about agriculture: #farming, #farminglife, #ilovefarming, #dairyfarming, #ilove_farming,

What are people doing?

I believe that this network is all about entertaining each other — it’s not daily life or what you are eating. There are hashtag challenges or posting fails, humor, memes, duets, slow-mo, etc.

What could a farmer do?

Remember it’s all about entertainment, so try to show something about farm life that they wouldn’t normally see. Quick cuts, music overlays, fun on the farm. Remember the audience is young. Don’t try to educate — entertain them.

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