Tractor Supply takes on the elements with new Ridgecut Toughwear clothing


Do rain, snow, mud, and sweat sound familiar? For most of us, dealing with the elements is part of our daily lives — and it’s a life that we rarely (if ever) get a break from. Tractor Supply Co. recognizes that and has built a new apparel line with our harshest environments in mind, calling it Ridgecut Toughwear. Newly released, Ridgecut includes workwear and insulated outerwear created for those of us who regularly put our clothing through conditions that go beyond normal wear and tear.

The perks of the Ridgecut line is that is uses what TSC refers to as OSM Shield technology — basically a treatment that works to repel odor, stains, and moisture. Couple that with the fact that Ridgecut clothing won’t break the bank, there ends up being a lot to love about what TSC has rolled out.

The Ridgecut line launched with men’s apparel, which includes work shirts and pants, denim shirts, heavy flannel plaid shirts, and caps. Men’s and women’s insulated outerwear will launch later this fall with coats, bib-overalls, gloves, and beanies.

Ridgecut Toughwear
Image courtesy of Ridgecut Toughwear

“The second our customers leave our store they are going straight to their barn, stable or workshop where their clothes will take a beating,” said Ken Strait, vice president of product development at Tractor Supply. “Ridgecut Toughwear offers them durable, comfortable clothing that can handle a lifestyle where rough weather is frequent and tough conditions are standard.”

The clothing is also designed with cotton ripstop fabric and CORDURA reinforcements, which resist wear and tear while still offering flexibility so the wearer can move freely — a priority when undertaking physically challenging tasks.

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