5 of the best hay bags for feeding horses


There’s no doubting the value of high-quality hay as part of your horse’s diet. So finding the best hay bags for your stalls, pastures, or horse trailer mean less mess — and less waste — and more of the good stuff getting to your horse! That also means that you save money in the long run. A good hay bag or hay net also means that you can often control how much hay your equine eats at once, preventing him or her from gorging too quickly.

So what’s good? We’ve used several different types of hay bags over the years, and these are the ones we like, broken up into various categories:


kensington hay bag

Kensington Slow Feed Hay Bag, $55.24

Designed to provide a natural way for your horses to feed, slowing down their hay intake and prevent hay waste. Slowing down consumption aids in digestion and improves overall health. Great for trailering or the stall.

  • 1.5″ x 1.5″ poly nylon square holes
  • Adjustable straps for ease in transport (2-Flake: one strap; 4-Flake: two straps)
  • Holds two flakes of hay (a four-flake version is here)

Why-to-buy review: “These feeder bags have been the best bags with very little waste and horses take their time eating instead of rushing! Had mine for over 1.5 years and they have no rips.”


Carrying ease

weaver carrying hay bag

Weaver Leather Hay Bag, $19.99

This Weaver Leather Hay Bag is easy to fill and features convenient snap closures. And there are lots of colors to pick from.

  • Simply snap closed to minimize hay loss
  • Features a round feed hole, an inner liner and a dee on the back for easy snap attachment

Why-to-buy review: “We purchased this hay bag for traveling and our horse loves it! It helps keep the hay contained without getting the trailer completely messy and keeps him entertained for us during trips. I highly recommend this bag for anyone who has had trouble finding a good, durable hay bag for your trailer. This bag works great in our horses stall as well.”



tough1 mini hay feeder

Tough-1 Mini Web Hay Feeder, $25.49

The Tough1 feeder slows down your horse’s consumption and reduces wasted hay, while also being stronger than many slow-feeder nets on the market. The top plastic frame aids in loading hay, while the adjustable hanging strap has snaps at both ends to close the top of the bag. It includes a strap on the lower back to secure the bag to a stall or trailer to prevent spinning while horse is eating.

  • Made from 1″ webbing with 2″ x 2″ openings to slow horse down while eating, creating less waste
  • Plastic frame in webbing at top makes loading hay easy
  • Adjustable hanging strap with snaps at both ends to close the top of the hay bag so horse can’t sneak hay from the top

Why-to-buy review: “Small enough to use in the trailer but large enough to hold a full flake of alfalfa hay from a 3-string bale. Wide mouth to load hay easily. Construction will last much longer than the normal hay bag.”


For Round Bales

Freedom Feeder Round Bale Hay Net

Freedom Feeder 4-Foot Round Bale Hay Net, $152.99

We didn’t always have great solutions for round bales, but this is an answer to that problem. These large five-sided cubes are generous in size and include a draw cord closure. All sizes are most often equal in measurements on all sides, but could vary slightly. 

  • Features 1 7/8″ mesh openings
  • Also available in 5-foot and 6-foot sizes

Why-to-buy review: “Love it! Easy to pull the net over the hale and eliminates waste. Horses get to eat anytime they want but must eat daintily due to 2” holes so they do not overeat. Best feature — I don’t have to distribute hay twice daily, best time saver.”


Space saver

Hay Hoops II Collapsible Wall Feeder

Hay Hoops II Collapsible Wall Feeder With Net, $28.47

The Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder mimics the natural feeding experience, encouraging slow feeding and helping reduce the likelihood of developing ulcers. It helps reduce such vices as cribbing, weaving, and pawing. And because it doesn’t have a frame that juts out of the wall, it takes up minimal space when only partially full or when empty.

  • Very simple to use and easy to load
  • Mounting low mimics natural grazing position
  • Hammered finish
  • Patent pending
  • Includes net that easily slides onto frame

Why-to-buy review: “Always used conventional hanging hay nets. which have to taken down, filled and put back up. With the hoop you bring it down fill it up and put the hoop back up. No clips or knots to tie.”


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