Arrowquip’s new Heeler portable corral answers rancher requests


Ranchers know what type of cattle equipment is needed because they use it day in and day out. Cattle equipment design has improved dramatically with technological advances and animal science research. Yet, ranchers still could not find a portable corral solution without complicated adjustments and wasted time and effort involved in setting up and using it.

Arrowquip heard these ranchers and created a solution — a portable corral system that is easier to use, faster to set up, and keeps handlers and their cattle safe. The Heeler is the cutting-edge portable cattle corral system that ranchers have been waiting for. The Heeler portable corral makes working cattle in remote locations effortless. The durable system is focused on cattle flow, ease of use, and efficiency in all aspects.

Exciting new features in the Heeler

When designing the Heeler, the Arrowquip Innovations Team kept optimal cattle flow at the forefront, creating a portable corral that provides ranchers with a simple, reliable system. A common pain point of many ranchers is effectively moving cattle in and through equipment. Cattle flow needs to be simple and align with their instinct to be effective. Therefore, Arrowquip built a portable corral that provides cattle with a clear path and lets handlers control movement. This and other features make the Heeler the first of its kind and an industry leader.

Image courtesy of Arrowquip

Features on the Heeler include:

  • An 18-foot single alley with a cattle-free zone
  • Convert to a double alley easily with a locking swing gate
  • Added clearance on the 5th wheel tow hitch for safe pass-through every time
  • Four spring-loaded man gates on the outer panels for strategic access to the two pens
  • Approximately 2,620 square feet of space allows handlers to work at a new level of efficiency
  • Room to carry extra panels
  • An added hitch for towing a squeeze chute or loading ramp
  • Powerful hydraulic jacks that lift and lower the corral with ease
  • Swing out panels on airless tires with a winch system that can be effortlessly pushed into place
  • The standard Bud Box to making sorting cattle faster and easier than ever

The Heeler resembles a figure eight, with two pens on either side, and the Bud Box and alley in the center at the fifth wheel hitch. Cattle easily move into the Bud Box, following the curved shape of one of the two holding pens and flow into the alley. The Bud Box adheres to animal instincts and behavior research, allowing the cattle to turn back to where they entered and includes the same no-miss latch gate that is popular on other Arrowquip equipment.

Once secured in the Bud Box, handlers can work cattle using their flight zones to move them forward down the alley and into a squeeze chute, loading ramp, trailer, or another pen. The cattle-free zone is an essential element that many ranchers requested and allows handlers to safely work closer with their cattle, and even perform tasks such as applying pour-on, while staying safely out of harm’s way.

With one of the exterior spring-loaded man gates located in the Bud Box, handlers also have an easy entry point to help move cattle into the alley, and quick exit for access to the other areas of the corral. The spring-loaded gates ensure a secure closure every time, so you can focus on the task at hand. If you want to keep cattle in the corral overnight, chain latches are included for added security and peace of mind.

The Heeler is a portable corral system unlike any other. The effortless set up and tear down that only takes minutes, allows ranchers to save their energy and time for working cattle. With the principles of low-stress cattle handling in the design, so that cattle flow through the Heeler portable corral the same way they would flow through an intricately designed and much larger cattle handling system, cattle flow is never impeded. This is one common pain point voiced by ranchers. Proper cattle flow is crucial because it allows handlers to quickly work a group of cattle, separating them into pens, and using the Bud Box design to keep cattle moving and sort them with ease.

Built for any situation

Adaptability is a key feature on every ranching operation. We understand that the need and demands a portable corral face will frequently change. The cattle handling equipment ranchers use should be as adaptable as they are. The Heeler brings adaptability to the portable corral by seamlessly connecting to other Arrowquip equipment including the 3E Head Gate, manual and hydraulic squeeze chutes, panels, portable cattle handling systems, and loading chute, allowing ranchers to work in any situation, with any cattle.

Arrowquip’s Q-Catch 54 Series connected to the Heeler (Image courtesy of Arrowquip)

Connecting the squeeze chute to the Heeler portable corral allows ranchers to work cattle and provide care and treatment away from the main ranch. This means that valuable time is saved, and cattle receive necessary health checks and treatments without transport. Arrowquip’s squeeze chutes provide full access to cattle though the side access doors and panels, the vet cage, and needle access, on top of being the quietest, safest chutes in the industry. When cattle exit the squeeze chute, they are released directly back into the pasture, so once the pens are empty, your job is done.

Built for the ranch

The Heeler portable corral was built with high-quality construction that ranchers can rely on, and that Arrowquip is known for. It is the solution for every cattle rancher that needs a portable corral for their operation. This system is big enough, tough enough, and designed to work with ranchers and their livestock — not against them.

Ranchers have come to love cattle systems designed using effective animal science, and the ease of use that only Arrowquip can provide. The Heeler takes cattle flow, safety, and functionality with a portable corral to the next level by incorporating all the features found in other Arrowquip products and adding proprietary features that increase functionality of the portable corral system. The effortless design allows for heavy-duty support containing cattle without the extra work usually involved in achieving that level of security.

Image courtesy of Arrowquip

Arrowquip has worked with countless ranchers over the years and continuously seeks to improve cattle handling systems. The Heeler incorporates the latest technology and innovation, with the durability and features that ranchers’ need to get the job done right. Working cattle in a portable corral should be a simple job, and the Heeler ensures there is plenty of time left for doing what matters most.

This article was published on behalf of Arrowquip.

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