Does social media really reach consumers? #WorldMilkDay will prove it


The internet can be a tricky communications platform — it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen. You can communicate with almost everyone across the globe, and you can also receive feedback from those same people.

It’s unlike the glory days of TV and radio advertising when all you had to do was create a message and spend a lot of money to interrupt and reach that audience. If the product sold, then you knew this strategy worked. If it didn’t, then you knew the message wasn’t as effective as you thought, so you would adjust and try again.

Nowadays it just doesn’t work that way. You can come up with a solid message, but the range of options to reach the audience is so much more diverse that it’s practically impossible to reach everyone with one massive media buy.

Working together is the best way to reach people now, much like the dairy checkoff is doing through the Undeniably Dairy campaign and the recent farmer-led grassroots viral #dairydanceoff challenge.

With Undeniably Dairy, we created lots of marketing assets for our websites and social media channels and distributed those to dairy farmers, local checkoff staffs, and many others across the industry through the Dairy Hub. More than 210 companies, including checkoff partners such as Domino’s, processors, and co-ops are participating in the campaign, and it’s only year one.

With the #dairydanceoff, dairy farmers Katie Dotterer-Pyle (Maryland) and Jessica Peters (Pennsylvania) got the word out by creating a dance video and then challenging other farmers to join. The dairy checkoff added the videos to our website and social channels and other farmers joined with one video going viral at 19 million views. That’s amazing!

This is how campaigns work now. We need to work together to engage our consumers, so they can understand and trust the work you do on your farms to provide them with delicious and nutritious dairy products.

We have an upcoming opportunity that we hope you all will join so we can reach the entire planet — #WorldMilkDay on June 1.

How can you help?

Please share your love for milk by taking a photo or video of yourself, your family, your friends, or anyone enjoying a glass of milk on June 1 and posting it to your favorite social channels. Be sure to tag it with #worldmilkday and #undeniablydairy so we can all see and share them.

If you are a dairy farmer, consider joining the Dairy Hub to get our #WorldMilkDay campaign assets so you can share the great information we’ll be providing on that day.

It’s one of those days when we could reach the whole planet with our great message, but we can only do it if we all work together.

If you would like to know more about our campaigns, please reach out to me at or visit

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