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Horse owner has great idea ahead of Hurricane Matthew


A hurricane creates chaos, there’s no question about it. And despite your best efforts to keep your family safe and your animals sheltered, anything can happen.

So when Courtney Hamner of Hanahan, South Carolina, posted images of the steps she was taking to help become reunited with her horse just in case the animal got loose during the storm, it touched the horse community greatly. She included an address and phone number on the horse’s hooves and put an ID tag and contact info around its mane. And people have taken notice.

“There are no words to describe how good it feels to hear thousands of people say they are praying for you,” she said on her Facebook page. “There has been nothing but an outpour of compassion and care for all people with horses in this area. Strangers have offered to help in anyway they can. They have opened up their own homes to people who need somewhere to go.”

Here’s her original post:

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