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Dairy checkoff’s new ‘Reset’ campaign aimed at Gen Z


We’ve all been in those tough spots before where we feel like we could use a “reset” — to get through whatever awkwardness or stubbornness we’re encountering. The dairy checkoff’s newest phase of its Undeniably Dairy campaign focuses on just that, and does it in a way that is tailored specifically for Gen Z.

Reset Yourself with Dairy” is a youth-centric evolution of the checkoff’s consumer campaign and will use a variety of media channels and marketing strategies, including gaming, social media influencers, and digital content, to engage with Gen Z to grow sales and trust of dairy. The effort launched Oct. 13.

Anne Warden, Dairy Management Inc.’s executive vice president of strategic integration, said: “We’ve been pivoting our marketing and communications activations to not only create relevancy with younger audiences, but to also show up in the right places. To compete in today’s environment, we will create big, disruptive moments that reassert dairy’s place in young people’s lives in a way that is in the social media and entertainment spaces they love and speaks their language.”

The first two videos in this campaign are here:

The strategy centers on four aspects of dairy’s wellness benefits that checkoff-led consumer research found resonates and drives purchase decisions with Gen Z (ages 10 to 24): immunity, calm, energy, and digestive health. The hope is to meet this generation’s changing perceptions and behaviors for what they believe foods and beverages should deliver.

Dairy’s role in offering wellness benefits will be featured on a variety of media channels beyond YouTube. A broad approach is critical as Gen Z tends to jump from one channel to the next instead of consistently remaining in one place, dairy checkoff officials said.

Dairy content will appear on Spotify, where Gen Z heads for music and podcasts, as well as across video platforms and via television streaming providers including Hulu, Roku and Vevo.

There will be continued outreach to the gaming community where the checkoff will work with Twitch, which has about 15 million users daily. The content will be available on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat and the checkoff will work with social media influencers, who Gen Z finds to be authentic. The effort also includes a partnership with Kroger Digital and Instacart for content to appear in their retail apps and mobile sites.

“‘Reset Yourself with Dairy’ will show Gen Z all that dairy can offer and that they can feel good about their choice,” said DMI Chair Marilyn Hershey, a Pennsylvania dairy farmer. “It’ll remind them that real milk makes them feel better and offers wellness benefits that can help get them through their day.”


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