Canadian farmer scolds lynx he caught in the chicken coop


Predators are nothing new to livestock farmers — especially when you work with smaller animals in poultry. But how do you handle such a situation? One Canadian farmer who caught a lynx in his chicken coop — literally with a feather still hanging from its mouth — grabbed the creature by the scruff and gave it the scolding it deserved!

“I kind of gave him a little lecture and and then told him he shouldn’t come back,” Chris Paulson, a resident of British Columbia, told CBC News. He held onto the lynx and took the animal around to “see the damage he did” — and, of course, did a video of the whole thing! (Editor’s note: There’s some blood in this video.)

We often think that predation is primarily a concern of those who free-range their animals, but even if you have a coop or other structure, critters can find their way in. Paulson said that two of his chickens were killed. 

We’re not sure that it’s safe to hold onto a lynx like that, but it looks like Paulson came away no worse for wear himself.

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