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Stolen pigs found: This stock show nightmare had a happy ending


It’s kind of like The Fast and the Furious, but, the set pieces are a livestock trailer, pigs, and this time, the scene plays past the city of Denver. 

Or at least, that’s how it looked when thieves drove away with a family’s truck, trailer, and prized show hogs this past weekend. But, the ending of this story is way better. After two days of searching, the Denver Police Department located everything, including the stolen hogs, which were just a little hungry and cold, according to the family’s Facebook. 

The Lee family had just made the 24-hour trek from Quincy, Washington, to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. They had no idea that when they fed and put their Duroc and spotted show pigs to bed and tucked themselves in for the night at the Comfort Inn and Suites, they’d wake up to find everything missing. 

Like any good stock show family, it wasn’t just their stranded situation that left everyone concerned, it was the health and well-being of their animals. 

To add insult to injury — it was Myles Lee’s 16th birthday, and his brother Blaine’s last year of eligibility at the National Western Stock Show. 

Mother Tanya Lee told 9News, “Our boys put in a lot of hard work, and they spend a lot of hours with their animals, and you really create a bond with those animals.”

She continued, “And in order to be able to show competitively at this level of the National Western Stock Show, you have to really create a bond with those animals, and those animals depend upon you a lot. And you depend upon them.

The family filed a police report with the Denver Police Department and claims with their insurance company. After a stressful 48-hour search, the family’s truck, trailer, and pigs (Doug and Roger) were found.

Blaine Lee posted on Facebook, “GOD IS SO GOOD! Got a call this morning, the truck, trailer, AND the pigs have been found!”

The Lee family travels all across the country, showing pigs at many of the major livestock shows. But, the support they found was incredible. In 48 hours, news stations, swine industry members, and others reached out to help spread the news while the police departments immediately went to work after reports were filed. 

And, best of all — the boys and their pigs arrived safe and sound at the National Western Stock Show. 

Unfortunately, truck and trailer theft appears to be occurring somewhat regularly at livestock shows across the country. Facebook comments from other families who’ve suffered from stolen trucks and trailers at livestock shows echoed some of the Lee family’s heartache. 

Another exhibitor, Harley Blegen, posted about their truck and trailer stolen in Denver just two days ago. 

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