YouTube channel explains how to become a rancher


It’s one of the most common questions that Mike Galloway, the rancher who runs the Our Wyoming Life YouTube channel, gets in the mail: “How do I become a rancher?” Frankly, it’s not an easy one to answer, because it’s going to be a little different for everyone based on their background, geography, support network, and so much more. But he has stepped up to offer his insights in this three-part video series.

Video #1: What to Expect

He takes viewers through what to expect in life — all this while he heads out to feed his cattle during the worst winter storm he’d ever been through.

Video #2: What Kind of Rancher to Become

In choosing to become a rancher, he says you need to start planning, and one of the first steps is to plan what on what kinds of animals you plan to raise on your ranch. Mike looks at how to know what kind of animals you can support and how much of a ranch you will need.

Video #3: Getting Land

Land makes a ranch, and Mike explains how to value land and how to make sure your ranch suits your needs.


The Our Wyoming Life channel was created by the Galloway family in Gillette, Wyoming, and is intended to the ranch life. The Galloways, Erin and Mike, left their corporate jobs in radio over a decade ago to help on Erin’s stepdad’s family cattle ranch. Since then they have not only taken to a whole new life, but now they raising their own family on the ranch. Check out all of their amazing videos here.

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