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3rd serving of BBC series ‘Follow the Food’ set to debut


The agriculture industry is full of innovation that allows farmers and ranchers to continue to produce safe and reliable items all across the world. With the use of technology in agriculture, we have been able to produce more with less. In an effort to highlight just how amazing and efficient the agriculture industry has become, Follow the Food has launched its third television series centered around technologies in agriculture.

Follow the Foodsponsored by Corteva Agriscience, BBC World News, and, shows the journey across the globe to find out where our food comes from and how farmers and food-producers are working with innovation and technology to find solutions to the challenges of population growth and climate change.

Presented by ethnobotanist James Wong, the series analyzes what farmers, scientists, tech innovators and consumers have learned from the recent shock to the food chain caused by the pandemic and discover how they’re reimagining the global food system to deal with food insecurity and the climate crisis. From discovering how one dairy giant makes use of AI and 3D imagery to increase livestock yield, to how biofortification can help eradicate hidden hunger through cutting-edge plant breeding, Follow the Food takes audiences on a journey from farm to fork.

Wong said, “Now more than ever we need a rational, evidence-based discussion about the role food and food production plays in avoiding both humanitarian and environmental catastrophes. … We explore and explain some of the solutions on the table, unpacking them so that everyone can understand the knock-on effects of what we produce, purchase and consume.”

The multi-platform series includes eight half-hour programs on BBC World News and eight in-depth articles on BBC Future. Each story brings audiences insights into what we’re eating, where it came from and how it was produced, visiting experts across the world.

You can catch up on the first two series by watching the episodes online. The current series of Follow the Food will air on BBC World News for eight weeks starting January 22, 2022. Special features can also be found online on the Follow the Food website.

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