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Anti-GMO Reverend Billy had his day in court


In case you were following the trial, last October, Reverend Billy, aka activist actor William Talen, and Frank Cordaro, a peace activist and co-founder of the Des Moines, Iowa Catholic Worker Group, were arrested for trespassing at the World Food Prize at the Iowa Capitol. Since then the charges have apparently been dropped as the old Reverend has started preaching again against “Monsanto’s Oscars” and “Iowa being a Trump State.”

Talen is no stranger to the law – arrested more than 50 times for similar protests. According to Forbes, his 35-member “Stop Shopping” choir recently interrupted an EPA meeting on the possible carcinogenic qualities of Glysophate.

This middle school teacher and blogger did some digging of his own on this full-time practicing protester. He also explains how the World Food Prize isn’t fully funded by Monsanto and the conference, also known as the Borlaug Dialogue, actually allows critics to attend the private event. Have a read – you may see Reverend Billy again soon.

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