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Bayer adds Grow On to horticulture porfolio of products


Each year growers are being asked to provide more sustainability information to stakeholders, including processors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. To meet this need, Bayer introduces Grow On, an initiative to provide growers with tools to identify, implement, and communicate sustainable farming practices.

Grow On provides citrus, grape, pome and stone fruit, potato, tree nut, and vegetable growers with the resources needed to continue to sustainably produce safe, nutritious food for the growing global population.

“Generations of growers have rapidly embraced new agricultural technologies that not only have improved their environmental sustainability but also increased yields and farm productivity,” said Jennifer Maloney, Bayer food chain and sustainability manager. “Through Grow On, growers can identify products that achieve sustainability benefits in six key areas and then utilize tools to share those benefits with stakeholders.”

The agriculture sustainability focus areas of Grow On are:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to manage pests with minimal environmental impact.
  • Optimizing plant water usage and water quality.
  • Improving soil health and plant nutrient uptake.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel use.
  • Ensuring safe work environments.
  • Reducing food waste by preventing pre-harvest loss and extending post-harvest shelf life.

“Our products promote agriculture sustainability by improving plant health, preserving biodiversity, and ensuring farm safety,” Maloney said. “For example, citrus sustainability starts with healthy trees. We have products to improve tree health by protecting roots, which results in stronger roots and healthier soils for improved nutrient and water uptake. Bayer solutions can also decrease crop protection field applications and improve worker safety.”

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