Cattle deaths in Florida and Georgia lead to feed investigation


Florida authorities are investigating sudden deaths among cattle in parts of Florida and Georgia. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services this week received multiple reports related to acute deaths in cattle. These deaths are being investigated by both the Division of Agricultural Environmental Services and the Division of Animal Industry. Local law enforcement agencies and veterinarians have also been involved in the ongoing investigation.

While the specific cause has not yet been determined, these deaths may be related to feed. The product in question is Producer’s Pride 20% All Natural Cattle Cube, lot number 8DEC22MUL2, manufactured by Purina Animal Nutrition, and distributed to 40 Tractor Supply Company stores in Florida and Georgia in multiple locations.

Tractor Supply Company has voluntarily removed the product in question from their shelves in all 40 stores. In addition, Purina Animal Nutrition has initiated a voluntary market withdrawal of the affected product. Consumers are advised to either discard the product or return it to their retail purchase location for exchange or refund. There are no expected impacts to human health at this time, nor are there expected to be, according to Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. 

The department has collected product and cattle samples from across the state, and is in the process of conducting laboratory tests. In addition, the Department has conducted on-site verifications at Tractor Supply Company locations, outreach to Purina Animal Nutrition to facilitate the voluntary withdrawal of the affected product, as well as outreach to the agricultural community.

Veterinarians or producers who are aware of sudden unexplained deaths in cattle should contact the State Veterinarian’s Office at 850-410-0900. 

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