Ag scientist nominee Sam Clovis called some Americans ‘race traitors’ in blog post


Sam Clovis, the president’s nominee to be the top research scientist at the USDA, let loose a flurry of racial accusations and disgust toward progressives in a now-deleted blog post. He called progressives “liars, race traders and race ‘traitors’” who lack moral certitude, the website Salon reported. He went on to point the finger at progressives for allegedly holding back minorities and undermining the “black family unit.”

We understand that there’s a political divide in this country — a significant one, at that — but proclamations like this put Clovis on difficult ground. He’s already been heavily criticized by the ag industry because he has no discernible science background, so to become the top ag researcher in the country is a bit baffling. That’s especially true when modern agriculture is such a massively tech-driven industry that includes seed genetics, crop protection, on-site data management, GPS-guided planting, and soil monitoring, among dozens of other things.

Clovis’ blog posts were dug up by CNN’s KFILE team thanks to the Wayback Machine. They go on to delve into stances against socialism and other hot-button political topics. Clovis used to have a conservative radio show in Iowa and has long been a supporter of President Trump. He is currently serving as the senior White House adviser to the USDA.

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