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Montana officials put down grizzly after multiple cattle killings


A male adult grizzly bear in Montana was trapped and euthanized Friday after authorities discovered he had killed multiple cattle east of Red Lodge.

Federal Wildlife Services officials, working under an agreement with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and FWP wildlife biologists investigating the cattle depredations set a live trap last week and caught the bear Friday. FWP wildlife biologist Shawn Stewart estimated that the bear was five to seven years old. Because biologists believe the bear was involved in the depredation of multiple cattle and was not a candidate for transplant, it was euthanized.

Four yearling calves were killed by bears on private land within two miles of each other last week in rolling sagebrush hills, Stewart said. Tracks found at all of the depredation sites were similar and the same size as the bear that was trapped and euthanized, Stewart said.

A number of grizzly bears have been seen in the area east of Red Lodge during the past few years. Stewart said biologists will continue to monitor the area for additional bear activity and depredation.

While the Montana Stockgrowers Association continues to advocate for delisting grizzly bears, the have put together a comprehensive list of resources for their members to help prevent and reduce conflicts between grizzly bears and producers. MSGA has worked with the Livestock Loss Board to create a “Tool Kit” of resources that includes a neighbor network program, livestock carcass management, and the use of electric fences.

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