President Trump speaks to farmers & ranchers in New Orleans


This week the American Farm Bureau Federation celebrated its 100th anniversary during its convention in New Orleans, where President Donald Trump spoke to the membership Monday afternoon. The majority of Trump’s speech revolved around the government shutdown and the contentious debate surrounding the construction of a border wall. Urging farmers that it was necessary, Trump argued that border security would be at the best interest farmers along the border.

Trump later went into highlighting the accomplishments of the agricultural agenda for the past year and gave a peek into the future, ultimately praising the work USDA has been doing for farmers while continuing to discuss the government shutdown.

“The USDA is doing everything in its power to help farmers deal with the ongoing shutdown,” the president said.

Trump spoke highly about farmers for their resilience during the trade wars, saying, “On every front we are fighting for our great farmers, our ranchers, our growers. We are opening up new markets to export. We have eliminated a record number of job killing regulations.”

Trump went on to celebrate the decline of the Estate Tax for farmers.

“To keep family farms in the family, we have virtually eliminated the Estate Tax, also known as the death tax,” he said. This came into play when a parent would pass away, the kids would have to purchase the land and if the liquidity was not there, many resorted to taking out loans.

Trump also spoke about the Farm Bill, which was passed just before Christmas. Trump gave credit to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue for working hard on the farmers behalf. Trump said, “Farm Bill delivers for our farmers on a wide range of key priorities. You will have the support you will need for the future.”

In addition to the Farm Bill, Trump spoke about the recently overturned Waters of the U.S. Rule. “We are going to keep federal regulators out of your stock tanks, drainage districts, and your pond. We are going to get government off your back so you can earn a living and support your families doing what you love.”

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